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100 designers who shaped fashion

Fashion is an industry that's always on the hunt for the next big thing. Yet, in researching a new book about a century of style, "WWD 100 Years, 100 Designers," executive editor Bridget Foley found some constants.

"So many designers, when they talk about their work talk about women first," Foley says. "There's an ongoing idea and a belief among the very best designers that you have to push forward, but also that you also always have to consider what women will wear."

For all the declarations of trends, including hemlines, silhouettes and embellishments, Foley finds that most garments — be they skinny jeans or pencil skirts — are consistently available year after year, even when they're not winning headlines.

And, she adds, however modern and urban we like to think black is, women have been wearing it — regularly — since the 1920s.

The power of buzz has been around even longer.

Some of the designers included in the book were chosen because they literally changed the shape of fashion: Paul Poiret, Claire McCardell and Christian Dior, among them. But someone such as Gabrielle Chanel (known, of course, as Coco) really created an entire culture around a brand.

A 1965 WWD quote about Chanel: "Chanel is more than a look — it's an institution — it's a belief and a way of life — which this clever and very crafty artiste has done. She knows that her ever hungry Fashion Barbies are women and girls who eat and drink and dance — and love."

Winnowing down this list of most influential designers to 100 was harder than it sounds, especially balancing new talent like Jason Wu against Dior and Oscar de la Renta, Foley says.

"Is this all good fashion?" she wonders. "I'm not sure it's all good fashion, but it's all representative fashion, and much of it is really good."


Opportunities of Business Rain Jacket's

The rainy season for those who work using motor vehicles needed rain jacket’s to avoid the water of rain. Jacket of rain needed that can cover all members of the body so that our clothes are not affected by rain water.

Rain jacket is also needed to avoid the cold wind caused by the rain itself, cold winds and sudden temperature changes due to rain will result in changes in body temperature, which causes sudden decreases endurance and cause various diseases, including influenza, types and various diseases another.

Benefits of the rain jacket to protect costumes from the office of water, so the office is not in the wet conditions, so the work to be calm and not left behind.

To select a rain jacket so desperately needed is a material that is translucent angina, because of angina rain can also cause angina into the pores in the body and cause angina and in air, conditions that never into the body can cause lung wet.

Every time you want going to work try the breakfast because breakfast in the morning according to research in providing increased endurance and not easily stressed.

From the urgency of the above so that we can conclude that the rain jacket business has a great opportunity to get a big profit business. This business is part of a seasonal business, for the rain jacket was not needed during the summer.


Business Clothing

Businessof Fashion is a business that promises big profits, because everyone needs clothes. All ages need clothes to cover her body from the simple to the luxurious.

This business was always in the places where many people visited, among which are the traditional markets and mall. Among various clothing business is:

Baby fashion

is clothing designed specifically for infants, usually made of a soft material that babies enjoy wearing

Teen fashion

What is meant by youth clothing is clothing that is usually used by teenagers, in addition to the material of choice, fashion is also an important consideration in the design of this Adult fashion
Design that is needed is compatibility and convenience for parents. And aesthetics that are suitable for older people

Pregnant clothes
People get pregnant, experiencing physiological changes in the structure therefore requires a special design on clothing

Other special Fashion
That the mean is used as clothing specifically, such as sports, swimming, clothes in the winter, summer etc.

Basically a lot of clothes that have specificity, so that these businesses a lot of interest to the businessman